Why did Shoga produce #CongoCabaret?

All part of the master plan to turn literary artifacts of the #queerHarlemRenaisance into beautiful cinema. #CongoCabaret was an adaptation of a scene from the 1926 novel by #queer #Jamaican writer #ClaudeMckay. Because McKay was #gay or #bisexual, he included gay and #lesbian characters in his panoramic view of 1920s #Harlem, a unique move at a time when #homosexuality was considered to be a mental illness or criminal behavior. In the novel, the cabaret is owned by a queer character, Billy the Wolf. Wolf was Harlem slang for a masculine gay, a largely unknown type outside of the subculture. “I guess I’se the happiest, well-feddest wolf in Harlem,” Billy happily proclaims with his arms over the shoulders of two lovers. Listen to what Russell Richardson (@iamrussellr) has to say.


Shoga Films is a 501(3)(c) non-profit that is comprised of a production company along with educational outreach initiatives.


Shoga Films creates and disseminates multimedia works on race and sexuality that raise awareness and foster critical discussion. 



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