Who is Shoga

Shoga is all things #Black and #queer and #indiefilm. But it is not just that. Shoga Films creates and disseminates multimedia works on race, sexuality, and music that raise awareness and foster critical discussion. "Smoke, Lilies and Jade" advances this mission by raising the visibility of #RichardBruceNugent and the #queerHarlemRenaissance. With #CongoCabaret we expanded our community to include Parisa Fitz-Henley and Kevin Daniels (@kevindaniels27). This new project brings in musician Khalil Sullivan (@khalil sullivan), comedian Sampson McCormick (@sampsonmccormick).

The complexity of the Shoga label reveals itself in its origins. In East African culture, a shoga is a cis-man who chooses to live as a woman. It is a modality of same-sex attraction that is completely indigenous, owing nothing to Western notions of #homosexuality.