Noted comedian explains why it’s important to contribute

Updated: May 6, 2019

I first saw @sampsonmccormick when he did his set for #NationalComingOutDay at the #Smithsonian @NMAAHC, the first #black #gay #comedian to build a national reputation. When I saw how intelligent and informed he was, I asked him to interview for my #queerharlemrenaissance doc #MoodLavender. He spoke glowingly about #SmokeLiliesAndJade. It’s time to bring this #queer masterpiece to the screen. Bigotry is growing in America. We can help combat it by reminding our #AfricanAmerican and #LGBTQ brethren, as well as the rest of America, of how our community was so diverse and in the vanguard almost 100 years ago!


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