How did Shoga make #CongoCabaret happen?

Crowdfunding on #Kickstarter to begin with. @robert_elcock, an intern, and I busted our butts during April of 2017 to raise $10,000. Miraculously we surpassed our goal. Hollywood directors @deondraygossfield and @#quincygossfield generously jumped on board during the campaign and brought a new level of credibility to the project. They helped produce along with my L.A. team, @chukahiko and @kendallkanoa. Two months later, spurred by an extremely generous donation from @teddyshero, we were in production in L.A. And the actors they brought on board . . . Lord!: @kevindaniels27, @parisafitzhenley, @nicfew, @iamrussellr, @karenobilom.

Our Kickstarter pitch for "Congo Cabaret" is still relevant. Give it a listen.


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