Shoga Films is a 501(3)(c) non-profit that is comprised of a production company along with educational outreach initiatives.


Shoga Films creates and disseminates multimedia works on race and sexuality that raise awareness and foster critical discussion. 



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Filming on the (not too) cheap

Where is the money going? In terms of budget, this is not the first rodeo for the Deondray Gossfield (@deondraygosset), Quincy Gossfield (@qlenear) and @ShogaFilms. Looking at the pie chart, the Producing Staff and Personnel (i.e. actors) slices are much smaller than they should be. That's because this is a passion project for us and the producing staff, specifically the directors, are taking much smaller fees to make this happen. (@shogafilms work is gratis). By the same token the Gossfields have convinced working actors to do this project at the absolute minimum wage that SAG will allow. Given the assured production values (check out the clips of #CongoCabaret), the $20,450 price tag is a fraction of what it would be at normal industry rates.