Congo Cabaret



“Congo Cabaret” is an adaptation of an episode from gay writer Claude McKay’s then-bestselling novel, Home to Harlem. Set in a small nightclub, this scene presents the little-known figure of a “wolf” (a masculine gay man) and features the performance of a Bessie Smith song, “Foolish Man Blues,” which refers in a joking manner to “a mannish acting woman and a skippin’ twistin’ woman-acting man.” 


"Harlem Spotlight (short)", Harlem Int'l Film Festival, 2018                                           Closing film, Black Queer Film Festival, 2018

Best Cinematography, Black Queer Film Festival, 2018

Official Selection:

Outfest Fusion (Los Angeles)

Oakland International Film Festival

Wicked Queer LGBTQ Film Festival (Boston)

Harlem International Film Festival

San Francisco Black Film Festival

Black Queer Film Festival (Atlanta)

Atlanta Black Gay Pride Film Festival

Baltimore International Black Film Festival

Out on Film Film Festival (Atlanta)


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